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Bungee Jumping Ecuador

Bungee Jumping in San Francisco Bridge in Banos Ecuador Swing jumping from a bridge, also known as pendulum jumping, is similar to bungee jumping but involves anchoring two ropes between bridges and using the momentum to swing instead of bouncing up and down.

Enjoy the incredible sensation as you defy gravity for a few seconds and feel yourself free-falling toward the river below! The security ropes will catch you and you will continue to enjoy the ride as you swing under the bridge. Do you dare to be one of the few people who have taken the plunge?


Your safety is our highest priority. The swing jump is installed by highly qualified and trained individuals, ensuring its safety and fun! All equipment used for this activity adheres to UIAA (International Union of Andean and Alpine Mountaineering and Climbing Association) standards. The bridge jump operators are required to complete a control log, recording the number of times the apparatus is used so that they are able to replace it accordingly, ensuring that no rope will be overused.


A jump from the Rio Blanco bridge is a great start for those who want to catch the excitement. This bridge is located about 20 minutes outside of town. Feel the sensation as you free fall from a height of 35 meters.

Swing Jumping in Banos EcuadorThe San Francisco Bridge, found right here in the urban area of Baños, is only a 10 minute walk from our office! Admire a stunning corridor of the Andes mountains right next to you while you work up the courage to get on the bridge and jump 100 meters over the river! This is the ultimate thrill of a lifetime!

  • Departure time: 10:00 to 17:00
  • Program length: 30 minutes

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