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Kayaking Courses Ecuador

Kayaking courses in Banos Ecuador

If you are attracted to the thrill of the river rapids, looking to challenge yourself and play in the waves, then it is time to take a kayaking course with Geotours! Advanced kayakers will be excited to take advantage of the wild waters of our rivers and canyons, plunging down the falls and rocking through the rapids.


Your safety is our highest priority. Geotours follows strict safety guidelines and will equip you with appropriate safety gear prior to leaving our office in Baños. Your licensed, professional, instructor will guide you throughout the course to ensure the best possible training, experience and fun!

Introductory 3 Day Course

Day 1: will begin with an introduction to kayaking to discuss the equipment and general safety guidelines. Course participants will then watch an instructional video to learn the most important move in kayaking, the “Eskimo Roll.” This technique is employed when you need to quickly resume the upright position in the event that you are flipped upside down in your kayak. This day is spent with our instructors in a pool to familiarize you with the equipment and practice the Eskimo Roll until you are able to do it on your own!

Day 2: brings us to the river and one step closer to the fun! We start at a Grade II (non-technical rapids) area and here learn paddling techniques and work on perfecting the Eskimo Roll.

Kayaking in Pastaza river, near to Banos Ecuador Day 3: will be the time to prove to yourself that you are ready to take on the bigger water! We will be able to put all that practice to work and soar down some Grade III rapids! After completing your Geotours course all it will take to become an accomplished kayaker is to practice your skills on different rivers!

Included in this course is all necessary kayaking and safety equipment, certified instructor, transportation and meals.

For experienced kayakers, please ask for additional information on our daily or overnight kayaking trips up to 10 days!


The course includes:

  • Specialized instructor
  • Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Food


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