Christmas gastronomic traditions in Ecuador

Christmas gastronomic traditions in Ecuador

Christmas gastronomic traditions in Ecuador
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Christmas gastronomic traditions in Ecuador | Geotours | Adventure Travel Tour Agency in Baños Ecuador since 1991

One of the things that come with the Christmas festivities is without a doubt Food! Ecuador's gastronomy is very characteristic and representative in each region, they are identified by thier gastronomic specialties and for that reason, we are going to show you each of the traditions that Ecuador has in Christmas Gastronomic matter. It is important to emphasize that everyone has their customs and deserves respect; so if you want to know what is done in Ecuador at this Christmas time, then you can not stop reading what we have for you.

In every part of Ecuador, there is a gastronomic representation that is totally marked in its roots and among its people. They are dishes that are never lacking on the table of the Ecuadorian people since they allude to the holidays and the celebration of Christmas and New Year's Eve. We will show you the great inventions that have become indispensable.

1. Pristinios with fig and cheese

It is a traditional Christmas dessert in Ecuador, these rich fritters are served accompanied with panela honey or cane honey, and is in the shape of a crown. They are prepared on the basis of flour, baking powder, ground cinnamon, butter, lemon juice, tablespoons of brandy, salt, and spices, and it is served with panela honey, and fig candy and accompanied by figs and cheese.

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2. Roasted turkey or pork and chicken with raisin filling

If we think of Christmas lunch or dinner, the first image in our mind is the typically stuffed turkey that cannot be missing from home in such a special celebration and is perfect to share with the family.

3. Rice Gardener

Have you tried the garden rice? It is one of the most popular main dishes of vegetarian cuisine at Christmas that cannot be missed on the Ecuadorian tables, and it is a delicious nutritious recipe of vegetables.

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4. Ecuadorian Russian salad

Russian Salad or potato salad with vegetables and mayonnaise is a very traditional salad in Ecuador and is usually prepared as a garnish for meat dishes, perfect for special occasions, such as Christmas. Apart from potatoes, carrots, and peas, the rest of the vegetables can vary according to how each family prefers. You can add additional ingredients such as beets, onion, apple, green beans, corn, and others.

5. Hallacas

Hayacas or also known as Hallacas, are cakes similar to tamales that are prepared with cornflour and filled with chicken, vegetables, egg, and are steamed wrapped in banana leaves. The Ecuadorian hayacas can also be filled with pork instead of chicken (it is cooked the same). Hallacas is a coastal dish that is served at breakfast or as a starter.

6. Ecuadorian rompope

Rompope is an Ecuadorian drink prepared with egg yolks, vanilla, cinnamon, ground almonds, milk, sugar, and liquor. It is traditionally served during the Christmas festivities.

7. Fritters

This type of dessert is traditional for the December holidays such as the Christmas and New Year's Eve festivitie. This traditional dessert is based on flour, milk, eggs, and yeast, with a special shape and with the flavor that all Ecuadorians like.



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