Tour of the 7 crosses in the city of Bańos de Agua Santa

Tour of the 7 crosses in the city of Bańos de Agua Santa

Tour of the 7 crosses in the city of Bańos de Agua Santa

Tour of the 7 crosses in the city of Bańos de Agua Santa | Geotours | Adventure Travel Tour Agency in BaƱos Ecuador since 1991

The route of the Crosses is a replica of the traditional experience of visiting the seven churches in Holy Week. This route combines religion, nature and extreme sports, this idea is created with the aim of obtaining the category as "Magic Town" . This tour is fascinating due to the charm of nature and extreme sports.

What does the route contemplate?

The first of the 7 churches is located at the entrance to the "Little Piece of Heaven", in the area where the cane and candy vendors are located in the Inés María neighborhood. The tour continues for less than ten minutes and in San Martín is the second cross. This was placed in a kind of viewpoint from where you can see the entrance to the adventure route.

In this space, in addition to knowing about the history of the cross, you can visit the more than 8 hectares in the San Martín eco-zoo and if you like extreme sports, a few minutes away is the Aventura San Martín park, where you can practice such activities.

The other five routes are more in the center, on the so-called El Calvario hill, which is located by the cemetery. This space is also the one chosen by the baneños every year to remember the return to the city after having left due to the eruption of the Tungurahua volcano.

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On the San Francisco bridge, when you reach the old ecological path, another of the crosses of the religious route is located. From this viaduct you can also practice extreme sports, including bungee jumping, which basically consists of jumping into the void of several meters attached to a rope. The route continues on the route to the Amazon, at kilometer 6 via the city of Puyo, Agoyán sector, in the Guamag area, there are other crosses. To get to know it, you must pass through tarabitas, where the landscape is surrounded by the Agoyán waterfall.

In the Bellavista neighborhood, in the Runtún Viewpoint, on the same road to the Tree House, there is another of the crosses, from that place you can see the entire city and the space has even been adapted for tourists to make tours in the trails or enjoy cultural evenings and nights sheltered by a bonfire. The tour ends at the Basilica of the Virgen del Rosario de Agua.


Here are the names of each one:

1. - Sagrada Familia Church: In front of the Ralpin Hotel

2. - San Martin Zoo

3.-El Calvario next to the cemetery

4. - San Francisco, end of the Bridge

5.-El Agoyán, Hacienda Guamag

6.-Bellavista, Runtún Viewpoint

7.-Basilica of the Virgin of the Rosary of Water

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