Family activities in Baños de Agua Santa

Family activities in Baños de Agua Santa

Family activities in Baños de Agua Santa
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Baños de Agua Santa
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Family activities in Baños de Agua Santa | Geotours | Adventure Travel Tour Agency in Baños Ecuador since 1991

In Baños de Agua Santa it is the ideal place to carry out many family activities from getting on a terabit, swinging on the swing of the world, visiting the Pailón del Diablo, taking a bath in the hot springs, making the route of the waterfalls, to the Hands of God, Kiss of the Moon, the offering of the Inca to adventure sports. Baños is considered the gateway to the Ecuadorian Amazon, and the adventure capital of Ecuador, one of the most complete tourist destinations in the country. To make your stay highly fruitful, we want to tell you about the things you can do as a family in Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador.

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Get on the Swing at the End of the World

The Tree House is one of the famous places in Baños since there is the famous swing at the end of the world. Who has not dreamed of swinging on a swing and seeing the deep cliff below? This is your chance to do it.

In addition to the adrenaline rush that you will get when you get on the swing at the end of the world, in the Tree House which you can enjoy the view of the Tungurahua volcano and the fantastic mountains that surround Baños.

Visit the San Martín Adventure Park

Baños is synonymous with adventure, therefore, we recommend you visit the San Martín Adventure Park, which is located in the Lligua park, in the San Martín sector.

This complex offers you the possibility of doing multiple adventure activities, such as canopy or zip line (850 meters and 350 meters), walking on the Tibetan bridge (90 meters long), rock climbing or on the via Ferrata (90 meters ), and ride in a terabit (mechanical baskets that slide on cables).

Visit the Pailón del Diablo

Baños has countless waterfalls, and one of the best known is the Pailón del Diablo. Although its real name is the Verde River waterfall, the name of Pailón del Diablo is the one that has become popular. This is one of the largest waterfalls in the country, 80 meters high and 20 meters deep.

Enjoy the balconies (where you can admire the waterfall), the suspension bridge, and the Crack to Heaven (naturally formed crack that leads you behind the Pailón del Diablo waterfall), attractions that are part of this unmissable destination of Baños de Holy water.

Travel in a terabit on the Pastaza River

Travel aboard a terabit on the Pastaza River and enjoy extraordinary views of the waterfalls, mountains, and jungle landscapes. When you ride a terabit, the breeze caresses your face and makes your hair messy. In fact, those who visit Baños de Agua Santa cannot stop living this adrenaline-filled experience, which will surely generate a feeling of vertigo.

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Visit The Hands of God

2 impressive hands emerge from the top of a spectacular viewpoint to support a wooden bridge, which you can enjoy impressive landscapes of the city of Baños with the Tungurahua volcano as a witness. Located 10 minutes from the center of Baños, crossing the San Francisco bridge, the terminal sector. The ecological path of Caserío Illuchi is the gateway to this viewpoint located 2,800 meters high.

Enjoy the Hot Springs in Baños

Baños de Agua Santa is well known for its hot springs, which have medicinal benefits. If you are looking to relax and unwind, this is an activity that you must necessarily do in Baños. There are spas and hot springs that you can go to.

Visit Our "Nuestra Señora del Agua" Church

Baños is not very old, and the Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Agua dates from the beginning of the last century with a beautiful monastery. But it is a beautiful neo-gothic style building of the time. The church is always full of local people. The interior of the church is very beautiful and enjoys a great attendance of local people. In front of the church, in the Central Plaza, there are little souvenir shops.

Enjoy a ride on Horses

A horse ride will be the best tourist activity for those travelers who love adventure, there is nothing better to enjoy, from the back of the horse, the majestic landscapes that Baños and its surroundings offer.






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