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Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is an exciting activity for the outdoor adventure enthusiast. Whether you are an advanced climber or a beginner, Geotours has an exciting trip waiting for you! Come see the world from another perspective, where the privileged few have conquered the challenge of the climb.


Your safety is our highest priority. Geotours follows strict international safety guidelines and will equip you with all you need prior to leaving our office in Baños. Our guides have extensive experience and will be with you for the duration of the activity.

GEOTOURS Everyday we get to share the beauty and wonder of Baños Ecuador

Cotopaxi - 2 Day Climbing Tour

Come and climb Cotopaxi, considered the highest active volcano in the world! With its perfect cone shape and glaciers this is a challenging and fun mountain to scale.

Chimborazo - 2 Day Adventure

Summit Chimborazo, the highest elevation in Ecuador and the closest peak on Earth to the Sun!

Carihuariazo - 2 Day Summit Tour

As part of the National Protection System of Ecuador, the Chimborazo Reserve area serves as a preservation site for the native llama, alpaca and vicuña. On this trip, we will summit Carihuairazo’s Maxima peak at 5018 meters (16463 feet)!

Illinizas - 2 Day Expedition

Located between Pichincha and Cotopaxi provinces, the Illinizas are twin volcanic peaks that offer a variety of difficulty suitable for all levels of mountain climber.