Cuyabeno Wildlife -5 Days Tour

Cuyabeno Wildlife -5 Days Tour

Cuyabeno Wildlife -5 Days Tour

Cuyabeno Wildlife -5 Days Tour

  • Departure
    Geotours Office - Check the map
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  • What´s Included
    All meals included (normal-vegan-vegetarian)
    Bilingual Native Naturalist Guide
    Excrusion Equipment (Waterproof Poncho, Boots and Life Vests)
    Lodging Facilities ( Private En suite Bathroom and Mosquito Net)
    Transportation Lago Agrio to our Ecolodge and viceversa
    Solar Panel Energy to charge Batteries
    Coffee, tea and purified water
    Transfer out 09H30 in regular group
  • Not Included
    Transportatio to Lago Agrio ( meeting Pont)
    Extra expenses not specified on the voucher
    Siona Community entrance fee $10 ( Cancelled until further notice)
    Personal Face Mask (4 at least)* and Personal Hand sanitizer gel

    It is very important to not dispose of any of those items in the lodge , you need to take them out with you Please !

    *Any additional transfer different to the regular schedule will have and extra cost.

Cuyabeno Wildlife -5 Days Tour Description


Shared Room: $330

Private Room: $375

Promotion price with purchases until Dec 31th, 2023

 Price per person 

Information: The payment button of this option is disabled because the dates for beggining the tour must be coordinated in advance.

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Geotours is Green Forest Lodge in Cuyabeno

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is a protected area since 1979, it is considered unique for being one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet. Many tourists seek to do a tour in Cuyabeno for being home of various indigenous communities that still preserve their ancestral culture and for the exuberant beauty of the tropical forest and the lagoons that surround this magical place. Our 5 days tour to Cuyabeno offers a great range of activities, flavors, ancestral knowledge and experiences you can only live with Geotours.

With our tour you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the most sought after activities in Cuyabeno like swimming in the lagoons, meet the indigenous communities, taste the typical Ecuadorian food and other activities you can only do on our Eco lodge: Green Forest, like relaxing while kayaking the rivers near the lodge, do yoga, take a nap on our web between the trees or drink a beer at sunset on our bar zone, while listening to the sounds of the large number of birds that exist in the Cuyabeno.

Note: The price is valid for a shared space. We have private rooms available for  $360.

Cuyabeno Wildlife -5 Days Tour Itinerary

Day 1

  1. We welcome you to your Cuyabeno Amazon Rainforest Tour at our meeting point, Magic Paradise in Lago Agrio.
  2. For those who arrive by plane, we will greet you at the airport upon your arrival.
  3. From there the group will travel by van to the entrance of the Cuyabeno Reserve for a lovely canoe ride through the captivating Cuyabeno River to our Ecolodge.
  4. Guests will settle into their cabins and enjoy a fabulous lunch.
  5. The afternoon will be spent discovering the Laguna Grande, one of the main attractions of Cuyabeno National Park.
  6. This paradise will allow you to swim with the pink dolphins and witness the most stunning sunsets.
  7. Day one concludes with a night jungle hike, dinner and an enlightening talk with our naturalist guides about the animals and environment of our unique jungle ecosystem.

Day 2 and Day 3

  1. Wake to a fascinating sunrise and the sounds of the jungle, birds flying and chirping about our bungalows, tree frogs singing and the sound of wind gently flowing through the trees.
  2. Our exploration begins after breakfast, where we will trek upriver on the banks of the Cuyabeno River.
  3. Be on the lookout for infinite species of plants, enormous trees, aquatic vines, incredible orchids, medicinal herbs and a fantastic variety of wild animals and birds of the Ecuadorian Amazon.
  4. After your jungle trek you will be served a lovely lunch and then it’s time to relax for a bit in our Ecolodge.
  5. Relax on the hammocks and lounge chairs with a good book.
  6. After that we will go on a boat ride to Laguna Grande Lake were we will enjoy the sights of the surroundings and take a swim close of the gray and pink dolphins as they frolic in the water.
  7. Once you have enjoyed one of the most spectacular sunsets of your life, dinner awaits back at the lodge.
  8. The best is yet to come, with an exciting nighttime canoe ride on the river.
  9. Watch closely for the Amazon’s legendary black caimans as they hunt for their prey.
  10. The sights, and mysterious sounds you hear after dark will engage all your senses and give you memories you will never forget.

Day 4

  1. We will visit the surroundings of the Reserve for bird watching in a traditional wood canoe of the Amazon Jungle called "Quilla".
  2. Canoeing is a quiet and peaceful activity, which provides an excellent opportunity to observe birds and monkeys along the river banks, passing through different types of scenery.
  3. You will also have the possibility to do kayaking on the black waters of the Cuyabeno River.
  4. Later in the afternoon we will go to one of the most famous lakes in Cuyabeno.
  5. During this excursion, you will be encouraged to swim and may encounter some of the river’s most majestic creatures: the pink dolphins.

Day 5

  1. An early morning boat ride to enjoy the sunrise will enable us to watch the glorious Amazon birds at their most active time of day.
  2. The colors, sounds and sights this morning are simply stunning.
  3. Breakfast will be served upon your return and then you will embark on a canoe ride up the Cuyabeno River and back to civilization.
  4. Transportation is provided from the entrance of the Cuyabeno National Park back to Lago Agrio.


Remember that all excursions and times on this sample itinerary are subject to change and largely depend on weather, season, group limitations, group interests, and guide decisions based on passenger safety and organized operations.


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