Free Guide Biking and Hiking

Free Guide Biking and Hiking

Free Guide Biking and Hiking
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Baños de Agua Santa
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Free Guide Biking and Hiking | Geotours | Adventure Travel Tour Agency in Baños Ecuador since 1991

This type of activity in Baños de Agua Santa is aimed at visiting with a free guide for people who want to know the important places of Baños de Agua Santa through the eyes of a local. These visits can last between 2 to 4 hours depending on the place or route you want to visit. Visiting parks, the most emblematic streets of the city center, waterfalls, and viewpoints, although they are not the only attractions that can be seen by bicycle or hiking. Always ask at the office if we have these tours available during your trip since it depends a lot on the season or days of the week.

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IS IT A GOOD OPTION TO GET A FREE GUIDE TOUR?Yes, it is advisable to access a free guide, since that way you know the reason for all the attractions you visit when you do not know the city or do not handle the language very well, it is difficult to enjoy.

- You learn more: A guide can explain more in-depth about the places you visit in Baños de Agua Santa.

-It's safer: The guide knows perfectly where to take you, and he will recommend things that fit your preferences.

- You meet people: If you share a guided tour you meet people similar to your tastes and interests.


The advantage of a free guide is that it goes beyond places that you can easily visit, you do not lose extra time on your vacation, you avoid the risk of running out of the activity or excursion you want to do and you will have more adventure since the guide will add the point of excitement to your trip, which means that due to the great activity and dedication of the assigned guide, it is considered that each traveler allocates a tip for the service (recommendation 10USD and up). We recommend renting bicycles with us because the maintenance we have is thorough and the service is offered for people who want to travel with Geotours, but they will also need to bring extra money to pay for the tickets to the attractions that they are going to visit and thus be able to enjoy the beautiful places that Baños de Agua Santa has to offer. 

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Normally the price of a Tour is higher since the loose expenses are already included. Although the price difference is not that low. In a full tour the guide tends to take more full time for some activities, entrance fees are covered for some places, food, and logistics transportation, and an itinerary has followed the schedule to fulfill the itinerary to comply with visits in an orderly manner. Both options are recommended, just see which one best suits your requirements.


- Water (reusable water bottle)

- Extra money between 5 to 10 UDS


- Suitable shoes for the activity

- Appropriate clothing for the activity

- Cap to cover the face from the sun

- Raincoat/windproof jacket 





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