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Half Day Whitewater Rafting Tour Upper Pastaza Level III+ IV
Whitewater Rafting Tour Upper Pastaza Level III+ IV

This whitewater rafting tour in the upper section of the Pastaza river is one of our most popular tours in Baños de Agua Santa. Big waves and many rapids will be part of this extraordinary experience. ... See more

Full day Tena Adventure - Rafting Tour Full Day
Tena Adventure - Rafting Tour Full Day

You can only live an extreme adventure in Tena with this rafting tour that promises to fill you up with adrenaline and leave you with an unforgettable experience. ... See more

Half Day  Half Day Rafting Tour – Lower Pastaza River
Half Day Rafting Tour – Lower Pastaza River

Our half-day rafting tour lower Pastaza River, offers great versatility, being a wide river has several lines, perfect for adventure enthusiasts. Come enjoy it only in Baños, Ecuador. ... See more

Traveling to Cuyabeno


Traveling to Cuyabeno

Depending on your individual travel needs you can get to Cuyabeno National Park in a variety of ways, Travellers on a longer journey rather to take a night bus or a shuttle bus service.


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Trails in Baños de Agua Santa


Trails in Baños de Agua Santa

On your trip to Baños de Agua Santa it offers the opportunity to go hiking and trekking in the different mountains that surround this beautiful city, contemplating a beautiful view of what is known as a Pedacito de Cielo


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What is Canyoning?


What is Canyoning?

Extreme sports are very popular today but there are some whose name confuses us or simply do not understand it so here are the details and characteristics of one of the most popular adventure sports, named Canyoning in Spanish Barranquismo.


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 Bus schedules from Baños, Ecuador


Bus schedules from Baños, Ecuador

If you are in Baños and want to travel to another part of Ecuador, such as traveling through the beautiful city of Cuenca or visiting the beaches of our beautiful country, we hereby provide you with a list of the schedules, costs and approximate travel time from Baños to other destinations in Ecuador


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