Cotopaxi Volcano-  2 Day Climbing Tour

Cotopaxi Volcano- 2 Day Climbing Tour

Cotopaxi Volcano-  2 Day Climbing Tour

Cotopaxi Volcano- 2 Day Climbing Tour

  • Departure
    Geotours Office - Check the map
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  • What´s Included
    Technical climbing gear
    Specialized high-mountain bilingual guide
  • Not Included
    Shelter fee ($20)

Cotopaxi Volcano- 2 Day Climbing Tour Description

People looking to have an adventure in the heights or have experience mountain climbing and have not yet had the opportunity to visit the Cotopaxi volcano, should sign up for our mountain climbing tour! On this tour you can test your limits by climbing glaciers and walking long distances uphill until you reach the summit of the highest active volcano in Ecuador. What is certain is that the adrenaline and fun of living an adventure of such magnitude will motivate you to continue throughout the journey.

Our specialized guides will make you feel safe and will be attentive to any inconvenience, helping you and motivating you throughout the ascent. The equipment you'll wear is always in perfect condition, so you won't have to think about the cold or worry about changes in the weather. As you climb the foothills of the giant of the Andes, you'll be able to observe the majesty of the Cotopaxi National Park and hopefully you'll be able to observe a condor gliding high above. With its perfect cone shape and glaciers this is a challenging and fun mountain to climb!

What to bring 

  1. Warm, comfortable and water-proof clothing
  2. Change of clothes for three days 
  3. Water-proof hiking shoes
  4. Sleeping bag 
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Flashlight incl. batteries 
  8. Energy bars

Cotopaxi Volcano- 2 Day Climbing Tour Itinerary

Day 1

  1. We depart Baños in our comfortable van for the 4 hour trip to Cotopaxi National Park. For operational reasons some days this trip could start in Latacunga. Relax while our guide briefs you on the mountain and points out interesting sights along the way.
  2. Our starting point will be at 4800 meters (15748 feet) and from there we will take a 30 minutes hike to the Jose Rivas refuge. After lunch and during the evening we will be instructed in techniques and do practice drills to prepare for climbing the glacier.
  3. Dinner and relaxation time are followed by our ascent that starts at midnight.

Day 2

  1. Starts with a light breakfast while we equip and then we begin our climb to the summit.
  2. We'll ascend at a moderate but steady rise and pace. Depending on visibility due to weather conditions, some unique and spectacular landscapes will be seen.
  3. After seven hours of climbing we will reach the summit of Cotopaxi at 5897 meters (19347 feet)!
  4. The experience of conquering Cotopaxi is an indescribable feeling, and will certainly be a topic of conversation throughout your lives.
  5. After a descent of approximately four hours we will enjoy a meal while we reflect on the challenge we have met by summiting the highest active volcano in the world!

Departure: 10:00 on Day 1
Return: Approx. 17:00 on Day 2 




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